A true story of bottoming out

A true story of bottoming out - Write an essay of 800-1000...

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Write an essay of 800-1000 words on “bottoming out”, finding the place where there is no way to go but up. This essay need not refer specifically to king lear but should address these questions. 1)Where is bottom, in terms of both situation and character? 2)How can one know one has reached bottom? 3)What if anything is the benefit of reaching bottom P.S. I chose to do this as an informal essay because it deals w/ a personal situation Eight months ago I began working for a company called Crown Relocations. This is the world’s largest moving company, with two locations in Canada. One of their locations was in Calgary and another one in Toronto. I worked very hard there and my hard work got some notice from my co-workers as well as my bosses. During the summer time the Calgary location is overwhelmed with work and don’t have the sufficient man- power to do the moves. This was a big problem because Crown Calgary holds the 2 of the largest accounts in all of North America. To help solve this problem they decided to send 3 movers to Calgary from Toronto. They had picked me as one of those 3 guys. I felt this would be a nice break and they would cover expenses such as rent, rental car and my flight there and back. After two months in Calgary things were going good until one weekend I broke my arm while I was arm-wrestling at a local pub. I was rushed to the hospital where doctors put a cast on me. I went back at work the next day doing whatever work I could handle. Another month went by with my arm still in the cast. In my apartment I had become friends with a neighbour of mine called Annette. One day I decided to ask her on a date. She said yes and as I was getting ready for my big date. As I
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A true story of bottoming out - Write an essay of 800-1000...

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