Key Question #7 - The reason for this is because Cl-Cl has...

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Lesson 7 Key Questions 30) a) Going left to right across the periodic table ionization energy increases. b) From top to bottom the vertical groups decrease in ionization energy. 31) O, S 2- , Cl, K + , K The S 2- ion is smaller than the Cl atom, however if it would be a neutral S atom then the radius would be larger then the Cl atom because it gains 2 electrons. 32) Non-metallic elements have higher first ionization energy than metallic elements. All the noble gases have very high first ionization energies. 33) Some attractive forces between two atoms include the electro negativity numbers and the electrons attracting to the opposing proton(s). The repulsive forces are the each set of electrons repulse each other and the protons between the two atoms.
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34) From least polar to most: Cl-Cl, Cl-O, S-O
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Unformatted text preview: The reason for this is because Cl-Cl has the least electro negativity difference of 0.0, then the Cl-O with a difference of 0.5 and finally S-o is the most polar with an electro negativity difference of 1.0. 35) a) An octet structure is when an atom has is valence shell or outer orbital full of electrons. An octet structure is stable like the noble gases. b) When the outer shell is full of electrons it doesn’t allow any reactions to take place because there is no more room for extra electrons. It needs more energy to break this stable structure to add or remove electrons. 36) Co-ordinate covalent bonding occurs when an atom contains an unshared pair of electrons and another atom has an empty orbital for those pair of electrons to occupy....
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Key Question #7 - The reason for this is because Cl-Cl has...

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