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Lesson 8 Key Questions 37) The BeF 2 molecule is a non-polar covalent bond without any lone pairs of electrons. If you draw the Lewis dot diagram you will see that each F atom only requires 1 electron each to complete their orbital. The SF 2 molecule is a polar covalent bond. By looking at the VSEPR theory it would give this molecule an angular shape. 38) a) By mixing one d , one s and 2 p orbitals you would get dsp
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Unformatted text preview: 2 configuration. b) This type of mixing would cause 4 hybrid orbitals. 39) They are both polar covalent bonds but since the C 20 H 40 has more atoms than it will have more electrons. Having more electrons gives the C 20 H 40 larger Van der Waals forces than the C 4 H 8 which means the C 20 H 40 will boil at a higher temperature. 40) Experiment 1 found on the next pages....
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