Philosophy - Philosophy 2003 08/26/2009 • Genre: Prayer o...

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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy 2003 08/26/2009 • Genre: Prayer o Plays to a broader audience o Definition of God: That of which no greater can be thought. (as far as he is concerned this is the only thing that fits description) o The Reality is greater than the idea o Principle of Existence: It may be better in the mind • Assumption: God does not exist in reality • “God” exists in the mind but not in Reality • God have been greater than he is • We can conceive of a greater being than God • Contradiction • Therefore God not existing is false • God exists 08/28/2009 • Thought argument was wrong • Island metaphor for God o Island must exist, what are coordinates? o Must be flow somewhere in argument o Don’t know where but there is a flaw o Not pointing out the flaw 08/31/2009 • Ontological o It is part of the very definition of God that God exists o Not the Christian God, maybe Universe o Starting point: Definition of God o Principle of existence: if something can exist in reality then it is greater to exist in reality than the mind o A perfect island CAN’T exist in reality 1. Definition of God 2. Principle of Existence 3. Assumption: God does not exist in Reality 4. God only Exists in the mind 5. Conceive of something greater than God 6. Contradiction (assumption must be wrong) 7. Therefore God must Exist • Objections o Greatest conceivable island o Why can a being exist if an island cannot (square circle) o Can’t prove God exists, only suggest it (Emmanuel Kant) o Existence of a greater being is irrelevant to what makes something what it is, the identity o Takes out principle of existence (Premise) • Premise: piece of evidence (that supports conclusion) • Conclusion: what you are trying to prove • God is a necessary being – fundamental • (Might exist is the same as it does exist) • Begging the question: Slipping conclusion in as a premise • Epistemology: State of one’s own knowledge (possible) • Metaphysical – Real world (possible) 09/09/2009 • Pascal is not trying to prove God exists • Children pointed out by Ivan • Pascal’s Wager o God may or may not exist o If you believe; no risk, all reward o If you don’t; all risk, no reward o Belief is not voluntary o Power in practices of church will transform faith to genuine o Mental orientation and pretending o Different gods and religions, which God should you, choose? o Response: many claimants objection is missing the point o Can you prove God does not exist? • The Problem of Evil o Most common strategy o Ivan Children and things that happen to them (eaten by dogs, baby and the pistol, abused child) • J.L. Mackey (4 statements) o Good can’t exist without evil o Evil is necessary as a means to God o Universe is better with some evil o Evil is a result of free will 9/11/2009 • Problem of Evil o Logical Impossible for God to exist (Mackey, Swinberg) Who God is supposed to be and world we live in o God is all good and all powerful Omni benevolent...
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Philosophy - Philosophy 2003 08/26/2009 • Genre: Prayer o...

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