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Phil 2003 Paper 2

Phil 2003 Paper 2 - Kylie Wiley PHIL 8:30 9:20 Human...

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Kylie Wiley PHIL 8:30 – 9:20
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Human freedom is a concept that is often called “free will,” and due to the theory of determinism, there is debate to whether this “free will” actually exists. Determinism is based on the Physicalist view of the mind, which says the human mind is a physical system. Determinism goes on to point out that the laws of nature determine the outcomes of physical systems. Therefore all decisions and outcomes are decided by initial conditions and laws of nature. The debate that arises is whether or not determinism exists and if it does, whether or not free will can exist at the same time. One of the positions that tries to make sense of the debate is that of compatabalism. Compatabalism asserts that determinism is true and that it co-exists with free will. This is achieved by insinuating that the average person is just confused about the definition of free will. Compatabalists maintain that you need only hypothetical options to have free will while most people have the mindset that these options must be categorical. Compatabalists explain that while decisions are pre-determined they are influenced by the initial conditions. These initial conditions include each person’s wants, needs, dreams, fears, past, and a number of other factors that make up the personality and being of that person. They go on to say that if these factors, which include your wants,
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Phil 2003 Paper 2 - Kylie Wiley PHIL 8:30 9:20 Human...

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