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Creative Paper - So you heard the big news right? I cant...

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“I can’t believe she actually did it” “I heard she used magic.” “Actually, no. I just used good old fashioned charm and intellect,” I interjected into the water cooler gossip, surprising everyone in earshot. That’s right, I’m the hot topic at work this week. Well its not really me that’s the hot topic, its what I managed to do. You mean you haven’t heard? Wow, you must really be living under a rock! I, formerly Hannah Whipp, tied the knot with the notorious Beau Jackson. You seriously haven’t heard of Beau Jackson? Did that rock you were living under happen to be in a third world country? Beau Jackson was only named the most eligible bachelor by Multiplication Magazine three years in a row. He is also known for dating girls for a maximum of two weeks, but it was three months then a ring. Oh, so even though you didn’t know my big news you want to know my secret? Well ok, I guess I have to let someone know. It all started the first time I met Beau. I was prosecuting a big case, you may have heard of it; high profile involving a football player whose name I would rather not mention. Anyways, I walked in to the courtroom prepared to kick tail and take names. I figured I would be matched against some old geezer who was overpaid to do nothing and had lost touch with what was going on in courtrooms today. To my surprise I came face to face with a dashing man in his late twenties that looked like the statue of Hercules come to life. When he turned to face me I almost melted into the floor when I saw his eyes the color of the sky, and smile that could light the entire eastern seaboard. It was then I knew I had to have him. My first step was to arrange a meeting. I asked my sister Charlene for help. She was a familiar face on the club scene and always knew about the swankiest parties. Over Sunday dinner at my parents house I asked her if she could find out what his party habits were and arrange a meeting with some mutual friends. She loved the idea and said she would get right on it. My father on the other hand was a critic and did not want me to meet up with a man known for breaking women’s hearts. “If you date that man you will end up with a broken heart. Just like Paul McCartney did when he married that woman with the fake leg. I’m warning you nothing good can come of this,” ranted my father in a senile tone. I assured him nothing could go wrong, I had a great plan.
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Creative Paper - So you heard the big news right? I cant...

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