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a13M_Coaches - your answers in the space provided under...

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GO! With Microsoft Office 2007 Brief Access Project 13M Coaches Instructions: 1. From the Office menu, click Save As . Navigate to your Access Chapter 13 folder, and then save this Word document as 13M_Coaches_Firstname_Lastname Using the techniques you learned when studying the Word chapters in this textbook, add the file name to the footer of this Word document. 2. From the student files that accompany this textbook, make a copy of the database a13M_Coaches and save it in your Access Chapter 13 folder as 13M_Coaches_Firstname_Lastname 3. Use your database to determine the answers to the following questions, and then type
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Unformatted text preview: your answers in the space provided under each question below. Save the queries with appropriate names. Submit this Word document and your database to your instructor as directed. Questions: 1. What is the one-to-many relationship between the tables in this database? 2. What is the Last Name of every coach involved with Dive activities? 3. What is the Last Name of every coach involved with Tennis activities? 4. What is the Last Name of every coach with a Skill Specialty in Basketball?...
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