Q&A - Answers to MANY questions about our mobile...

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Answers to MANY questions about our mobile products Author: Global Verge Q: Will my existing phone work with the new Buzzirk sim cards? A: if you have a phone that is 3G or Edge compatible the sim card will work, however, you will not have access to all of the benefits of the new AWS1700 spectrum or all of its functionality. Q: I am told that you offer a flat rate plan in the USA for $79.95 per month, is that before or after the Taxes? A: Yes we do, and this price is INCLUSIVE of ALL taxes and fees. You will pay just $79.95 per Month and not a penny more for the National plan Q: What if I want to download a whole bunch of movies? Will there be added charges? A: You will have to have a subscription to a provider such a hulu for that service, however, we will NOT charge you for the DATA usage to download as many movies, songs, etc.That you wish to download. When we say UNLIMITED we mean just that! Q: Do I have to sign a two year contract to get this service? A: NO! We offer flat rate with NO contracts and NO credit checks! You simply purchase the service, activate the sim and it works for 30 days from that point, renew it before the cutoff date and talk unlimited, text, pix, flix and data for the next 30 days and so on. Q: I have heard that I can use my mobile phone on wifi to call, is this different than the mobile
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Q&A - Answers to MANY questions about our mobile...

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