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Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 18-100 Fall 2009 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Homework 9 - Due Tuesday, November 17, 2009 Note: The first few problems are from the old 18-100 text. The problems for this section are found in the Course Documents section in a file called Chapter 9 Problems (old text). You’ll need to find this file to get these problems. Don’t do these problems from Chapter 9 of the Rizzoni text! The other problems are from Chapter 12 in the Rizzoni text. 1. Problem 9.4. Use Vd,on = 0.6v as we’ve done in class for signal diodes. Your table should have actual voltages , not 0’s and 1’s! 2. Problem 9.12. Use Vd,on = 0.6 v as we’ve done in class for signal diodes. Leave the LED,ON voltage as listed in the problem. Also, for parts a) and b), solve for the current in the 2k-ohm resistor near the diodes at the input of the transistor. 3. Problem 9.13
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