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Carnegie Mellon University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 18-100 Fall 2009 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Homework 10 - Due Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Note: If you will be leaving for Thanksgiving break prior to class the day this set is due, please drop the homework off at my office before you leave. Slide it under my door if I’m not in. Do not give your homework to any TA or to Prof. Zue. I also do not want emailed/scanned homework papers. You may also have a friend turn your set in for you, but make sure they’re actually planning on coming to class that day. Homework 11 will be going out on Tuesday, Nov. 24 and will be due the Tuesday after break, Dec. 1. The material covered in class on Nov. 24 will be relevant to that set. These problems are from Chapter 12 in the Rizzoni text. 1. Problem 12.36. Load this expression into a truth table and then use a K-map to find the minimized SOP expression. 2. Problem 12.48.
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