GEL 107 XTRphylogenyreconstruction

GEL 107 XTRphylogenyreconstruction - GEL107: Paleobiology,...

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GEL107: Paleobiology, Summer Session 2009 Name: Extra Credit Assignment (Total 5 possible points) Due on Monday, August 17 th PHYLOGENY RECONSTRUCTION The purpose of this exercise is to try to reconstruct a phylogeny of theropod dinosaurs. Six skulls and six hand skeletons of dinosaurs are shown. Numbers 1-5 are theropod dinosaurs (carnivores), while 'OUT' is a representative member of the outgroup, in this case a Late Triassic prosauropod dinosaur (herbivore). The fingers are numbered from 1 to 5 on each hand. Your task will be to determine the hypothetical evolutionary relationships between these organisms using the same methods that modern systematists do. I. CHARACTER IDENTIFICATION 1. Using the outlines of the hand and skull, establish 10 characters (in provided table, the data matrix), divide them into character states , and decide polarity by comparison with the outgroup to use in your phylogenetic analysis. A hand character could be "number of fingers", and the character states could be 3, 4, or 5. Comparison with the outgroup ('OUT') shows that 5
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GEL 107 XTRphylogenyreconstruction - GEL107: Paleobiology,...

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