GEL 107 Study Guide (2)

GEL 107 Study Guide (2) - Pay attention to principles,...

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GEL107 Midterm 2 Study Guide Date: August 26 (Wednesday), 2009 Time: 10:00 – 11:00 (during the class hour) Place: Haring 1204 (usual classroom) Coverage: Lectures 9 to 18. DO NOT CHEAT: if you get caught, your case will be reported to the Student Judiciary Affairs. Bring UCD Scantron 2000, a pencil, and an eraser. Please be on time so that you do not disturb other students. Questions will be mainly multiple choice (30 questions) and a few short answer (5 questions). About 70% of the questions will be based on the questions listed at the beginning of each lecture (I call them Lecture Questions). They are usually re-worded. The rest (30%) will come from what were discussed in the lectures. No question will be asked about something hidden in the textbook that did not appear in the lectures. The exam will count as 30% of the total grade.
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Unformatted text preview: Pay attention to principles, rather than minor details. Think about what may be the most important message behind each lecture question. NAMES THAT MAY APPEAR IN MIDTERM 2 Scientific Names (common names are not listed- only Latin names) Annelida Archaea Arthropoda Cnidaria Craniata Cruziana Deuterostomia Ecdysozoa Echinodermata Glossopteriid Lophotrochozoa Mollusca Nautilus Nematoda Porifera Skolithos Urochordata Zoophycos Geologic Time Scale Cambrian Carboniferous Cretaceous Devonian Ediacaran Jurassic Ordovician Permian Phanerozoic Silurian Triassic Other Hints Certain common names, such as Lamprey or Hagfish, may appear in the exam. They are not listed above because they are not Latin names. Make sure to understand different kinds of biogeography, as well as trace fossils....
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GEL 107 Study Guide (2) - Pay attention to principles,...

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