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HIS 190B MT - government institutions Did their plan...

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There are 3 questions. Choose any two. Here they are so that you can prepare ahead of time. 1) What factors contributed to teh strength and prosperity of the Abbasids? What factors led to their downfall? (Use Lapidus, Ibn Fadlan, Trial of Afshin, and Murder of Mutawakkil) 2) There were two predominant forms of government in the Middle Period (1000 to 1500): a) slave soldier dynasties, b) nomadic dynasties. What were the reasons of the inherent instability of each? How did the Seljuk try to fight this instability by controlling
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Unformatted text preview: government institutions? Did their plan work? (use Sebuktegin, Advice for Kings, and History of Saljuqs) 3) The Middle Period (1000 to 1500) saw the conquest of the Middle East by several different nomadic conquerors (Seljuks, Mongols, Timur). In what ways were each of these waves similar or different? What long term legacies did each of these leave behind? Did each of these legacies contribute to the rise of the next nomadic conqueror?...
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