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MIC 140 PS#3 - When utilizing glycerol? Show or explain how...

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Name:__________________________ Student ID #___________________ 1 The growth curve provided on page 2 represents an experiment where Y. pestis was grown in a carbon limited medium containing 0.05% Maltose plus 0.6% glycerol. Dry weight measurements were taken every hour and plotted against time. Answer the following questions. 1 Which region(s) represents balanced growth A. A B. B C. C D. D E. E 2. What is happening at region C in the graph Cells are switching metabolism from growth on maltose to growth on glycerol 3. What is the doubling time (g) in hours of this culture when utilizing maltose?
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Unformatted text preview: When utilizing glycerol? Show or explain how you calculated this. from the graph, maltose 0.8 hr or 48 min glycerol 1.8 hr or 108 min 4. What is the growth yield coefficient (Y) for cells growing on glycerol? Show work 0.6% glycerol = 0.6g/100ml Ci = 650 μg/ml Y = (C f- Ci) 600mg/100ml C f = 2500 μg/ml (S f-Si ) 6,000 mg/l Si = 6000μg/ml S f = 0 Y= (2500μg/ml - 650μg/ml)/(6000 μg/ml) Y=(1850μg/ml)/6000μg/ml Y= 0.308 NO UNITS 5. What is k for cells growing on glycerol? Show work k = kmax =ln2/g g = 108 min or 1.8 hr kmax = ln2/1.8hr = 0.641 hr-1 or 0.0144 min-1...
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