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Exam 1 study guide_1 - Role Delineation Study-redefined...

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w200 Exam 1 study guide NATABOC-National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification CAAHEP-Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs expendable and non-expendable supplies- scope of an athletic training program blood pressure-systolic: left ventricle contracts; diastolic: residual pressure when heart is between beats; 120/80, inflate to 200mm Hg, laminar flow causes beating sound, not thumb, pre participation physical exams-includes medical history, physical exam, orthopedic screening, possible CRI medical history-identify past and present medical conditions; collect medical release and insurance wellness exam-to see if athlete has healthy lifestyle maturity assessment-means to protect young physically active athlete direct buy vs bidding Tanner’s stages of maturity personal information card SOAP-subjective, objective, assessment, plan Primary sports medicine team-physician, coach, athlete, athletic trainer Third party reimbursement
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Unformatted text preview: Role Delineation Study-redefined profession of athletic training, roles could be divided into 6 performance domains What is a GFCI and function-ground fault circuit interruptor employment settings injury reports understand how to score vision using the snellen eye chart training for muscular strength vs muscular endurance agonist vs antagonist muscles-agonist: doing work, antagonist: opposing side cardiovascular training effects on the body periodixation muscle fiber types golgi tendon muscle spindles VO2 max Isometric, isotonic, isokinetic Warm up, cool down Types of stretching techniques Plyometrics-eccentric contraction followed by concentric contraction Overload principle Know your Vocabualry words!!!!-bouncing stretching: ballistic-radial artery: pulse-increase in size of cells: hypertrophy-snellen eye chart: vision-written consent needed to release medical records-BOC exam must be passed to be an AT...
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Exam 1 study guide_1 - Role Delineation Study-redefined...

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