Alexander the Great-History essay 1

Alexander the Great-History essay 1 - Alexander The Great:...

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Alexander The Great: Military and Death By: Devon Schmidt Alexander the Great was only 20 years old when he became the king of Macedonia. His father, King Phillip, was assassinated by a Macedonian noble days after his daughters wedding. Determined to conquer the world, Alexander’s powerful military intelligence and impressive army formed the Western Civilization, as we know it today. Never loosing a battle in his eleven victorious years as king, Alexander the Great changed the world forever. Alexander’s first victory was the Battle of the Granicus River. Outnumbered by thousands, Alexander was determined to conquer Persia. With an army of about 35,000 soldiers, Alexander wanted a speedy victory. They crossed the river making a surprise attack killing about “18,000 Greeks.” (Alexander of Macedonia) The other survivors were sent to Macedonia to work. The Macedonians lost about 120 men in the whole battle. Continuing southward, Alexander had knowledge of a huge army being created by the Persian king, Darius III. Alexander ordered attack, capturing the king’s camp and family. The Persian army gave up and fled. Darius left his family and city to Alexander who instead of killing them all, gave them a second chance to join his side. Without a rest, Alexander and his army marched south to Phoenicia. The Macedonians then built a transfer that would combine the island with the coast. A seven-month siege ended in
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Alexander the Great-History essay 1 - Alexander The Great:...

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