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PHY 184 Midterm 2 Practice Exam 2 Detailed Solutions 1. Resistors in parallel: 23 2 3 1 1 1 R R R = + then resistors in series: 123 23 1 R R R = + . The current in R1 is equal to the current through the battery, simply 123 / I V R = . Correct answer: F, 2.98A. 2. First find the current in resistor R2. This is a single loop, thus it’s the same current everywhere: 1 2 V I R R = + . From that, calculate the power according to 2 2 P I R = . Correct answer: G, 85.2W. 3. Force on a moving charge in a magnetic field follows the right-hand rule. The challenge here is to remember that field lines go from north to south and that an electron has negative charge. Thus, the force points out of the page, the right answer is B. 4. Proton moving in a magnetic field: 2 mv mv qvB B r qr = = Correct answer: C, 0.758T. 5. Right-hand rule, thumb points in the direction of the current, the fingers wrap around the wire and point in the direction of the field. In between the wires, the field due to both wires points into the page. Below the lower wire, the field due to
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