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Unformatted text preview: 1 Composite Pattern 2 Exercise ¡ How to design the classes for line, rectangle, text, picture? 3 Composite Pattern ¡ Compose objects into tree structures to represent part-whole hierarchies. Composite lets clients treat individual objects and compositions of objects uniformly. This is called recursive composition . ¡ UML: ¡ In UML, ─ abstract class name is italic; ─ abstract operations are italic. 4 Where to apply composite pattern ¡ The objects have part-of relationships. ¡ There are common operations. You want clients to be able to ignore the difference between compositions of objects and individual objects. Clients will treat all objects in the composite structure uniformly. ¡ Example problems: ─ Graphics: line, rectangle, text, picture ● Part-of relationship: a picture may contain lines, rectangles, texts, and pictures. ● Common operations: draw() ─ Equipments: floppydisk, network card, chassis, cabinet ● Part-of relationship : a chassis may contain floppydisks, network cards, etc; and a cabinet may contain floppydisks, network cards, chassis, and cabinets. ● Common operations: power(), price() ─ Expressions: variables, literals, negate, binary expressions ● Note: a binary expression is composed by two expressions (add, substract, multiply, divide). ● Common operations: value() ─ Recursive composition. 2 5 Abstract operations ¡ A base class might declare an operation for which there is no reasonable default method. ─ Example: Class Shape Defines an area() operation But there is no general method for computing area of a shape ¡ Such an operation should be declared abstract ─ In UML, abstract operations are italic. ─ In C++, abstract operations are implemented as pure virtual functions. 6 Pure virtual function ¡ Definition: Mechanism by which a class can declare an operation without providing a method. ¡ Purpose: provide a uniform interface. ¡ Syntax: class BaseClass { public: virtual void pvf() =0; }; class DerivedClass : public BaseClass { public: void pvf() { … } }; 7 Example: Class Shape class Shape { public: virtual unsigned area() =0; }; Class Rectangle : public Shape { public: Rectangle( unsigned l, unsigned h) : length(l), height(h) {}...
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AlexLecture_CompositePattern - 1 Composite Pattern 2...

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