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CSE 335 Homework 1 Objectives: Review fundamentals and design skills from CSE 231 and CSE 232. SpeciFcally: 1. Construction of MakeFles to rebuild executables from source code. 2. Use of functional decomposition to design a complex function by inventing new, simpler functions, which can be used together to compute the complex function in a straightforward manner, thereby mitigating the complexity. Description: The Fles ˜cse335/AlexLiu/HW/HW01/hw01. * constitute a program that gath- ers statistics on web-server usage by processing log Fles, which are created by the server. The im- plementation is complete, with the exception of an undeFned function in the Fle hw01.datatime.cpp, and the HW01 directory contains several Fles with sample data. Tasks: 1. Look at the source Fles to tease out the compilation dependencies, and then construct a MakeFle that describes how to build an executable from these Fles. Call this executable Fle logstats , and write the MakeFle so that logstats
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