Homework7 - CSE 335 Homework 7 Objectives: 1. Read and...

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CSE 335 Homework 7 Objectives: 1. Read and understand the code for an application that simulates concurrent control. 2. Become familiar with some of the abstractions and code that will be used in Project 3. Description: In this exercise, you are to take a tour of the code that implements the graphical Perli- sism browser that we discussed in class. There is nothing to “turn in” for this homework. Rather, I want you to use this handout to help you read through and understand the various abstractions that are being combined and used in this complex design. When you have Fnished, send an e-mail to the TA stating this fact, so that he can record your progress. I will assume that anyone who sends such an e-mail has actually taken the tour. Recall that the Perlisism browser is a graphical browser (scrollable viewport) that displays lines of text arriving in real time over the network. The lines of text are a random sequence of quotes on programming from one of the fathers of modern day computer science, the late Alan J. Perlis. 1 These quotes are sometimes called Perlisisms , and we have constructed a server program that con- tinuously issues a random Perlisism to network clients. Getting your own copy: On arctic, copy the directory /user/cse335/AlexLiu/HW/HW07/PerlisismBrowser into your user space. Among other things, this directory contains a script called runBrowserReactive , which you can execute to run the application. Note: This is a networked application, meaning that the server and the client are run as separate Unix processes, which communicate with one another over a port. Before launching the application, you must decide on a unique port number , which you (and only you) will use to open a network connection to your running server process 2 . Choose a ran-
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Homework7 - CSE 335 Homework 7 Objectives: 1. Read and...

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