The disadvantages of E - Andrei Grosu Marketing BUS 203c...

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Andrei Grosu Marketing BUS 203c Prof. M. Slavova Extra- credit activity The disadvantages of E-commerce The growing importance of e-commerce nowadays, makes it impossible for an astute marketer to neglect the use of it, in order to gain the tremendously desired market share. Basically, the comfortable way of buying products or services online, triggers customers at an increasingly rapid rate. Consequently, more and more online money travel through the internet and corporation web-sites. But will e-commerce diminish the number of dealers and retailers? Do the security systems nowadays assure a safe transaction over the internet? What are the e-commerce system’s “holes”, and does e- commerce revolutionize the robbers of a simple shop or bank? Whatever the answers might be, a thing is for sure, e-commerce is a great challenge both for business people and hackers. The marketing on the internet is not only a way to offer information about products and services, but also, has the potential to sell them. It can pass any geographical borders in seconds, changing the traditional way of approaching buyers and sellers, thus modifying the distribution and supply channels. As a result, the logistics
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department will gain importance together with e-commerce. In contrast, the number of retailers could risk getting lower, thus involving a decrease in job positions, but reducing the cost of the companies. For example, Hewlett Packard feared that its retailers would drop their products, if they would sell computers and laptops directly online. But the
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The disadvantages of E - Andrei Grosu Marketing BUS 203c...

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