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Unformatted text preview: A way to connect to the world Intro to MOLDTELECOM … Intro “MOLDTELECOM” is the National Communications MOLDTELECOM” provider in the Republic of Moldova, with services and products of the highest quality; products It was founded in 1993 On the 5th of December 1999, the state company was On reorganized and into a Joint Stock Company, with the government as its only shareholder CDMA2000- Unite, is the provider of mobile communications CDMA2000by Moldtelecom; S E R V I C E S E R V I C E S At the beginning of 2007, the number of cutomers will reach At over 1 million subscribers, with a density of 31% of the population of RM; population The implementation of services like : Internet and data The transfer, mobile services, IP telephony, Video Telephony, pretransfer, paid cards tete-a-tete, Green Number, Allodin etc. prove this paid intention; intention; The perfect combination of modern technologies and flexible The management try to be up-to-date with the market demand Company Structure Company Departments Commercial Commercial Technical Financial Logistics Human Human Resources Resources Commercial – assures the performance and the merchandising of the Commercial telecommunication systems, customer service, the planning of the pricing strategy, enlargement of products and services; strategy, Technical- guarantees the development and modernization of the services; Financial- provides the company’s strategy for the economy of the country, and ialmanages the financial inventory, the stocks and analyzes the data; Logistics- organizes the construction projects, repairing of the communication organizes units, exploring the transport costs and supplies the materials and equipment; Human Resources- stands for dealing with the staff members, their wages and labor protection; labor Marketing Environment Marketing Moldova’s telecoms market reflects the country’s growing economy, with total telecom sector revenue and investment rising year-on-year. Both fixed-line and mobile penetration levels are rapidly rising with total mobile market revenue now exceeding that of fixed line. Broadband services are available via ADSL, cable, FttH, LAN and wireless, with broadband subscribers expected to overtake that of dialup by 2009. Mobile services are offered by one CDMA and three GSM operators in Moldova and one CDMA operator in the Transdniester region. High-speed EDGE and CDMA 1x EV-DO mobile data services are also available. 3G services have been launched by the GSM and CDMA operators, improving the potential of the nascent mobile data market. Marketing Strategy Marketing Mission: The client and it’s needs in the first place … Trying to capture the whole fixed-line market share; Applying a mass-marketing, no segmentation; Applying Monopolizes the fixed-line networks, accounting for 97% Monopolizes of the fixed-line market in terms of physical connection; Competitors in the mobile market, Orange and Moldcell; Competitors The internet market is fairly competitive, however, with The as many as 25 ISPs competing with Moldtelecom for customers. Creative ways, such as TeleMarketing: investigation, Creative message delivery, developing customer relationships over the phone, creation of a business database. E - marketing marketing Offers information of its wide variety of services Offers and products online; and Places ads and promotions online; Uses Consumer Promotion Tools as: premiums, Uses price-packs, contests etc.; Online e-payment of telephone bills through a Online neutral site: ; neutral Acts as a Corporate Web site, in close Acts connection with; Preparing to enter the e-commerce age, where Preparing not only e-marketing progresses, but also enot purchasing; With you, always and With you, always and everywhere Intro to Geocell … Intro “Geocell” is the first GSM operator in the Geocell” Republic of Georgia ; Republic It was founded in 1996 At present, Geocell covers 97%of the populated At territory of Georgia. territory Outside the country, Geocell subscribers enjoy Outside roaming services in 134 countries. roaming Geocell plays an important role in the development of Georgian Economy : Economy Is one of the large tax payers. Makes a timely payment of all Is taxes. taxes. Promotes the budget of the country. It has made the investment of 315 million GEL Developed new working places, employed more than 4000 Developed people. people. Geocell finance system operates under SAP and SOX Geocell international standards. international Geocells strategy: Geocells Charity and patronage has always been the company’s one Charity of the most important points of company strategy. of Support culture, education and sport Support Company’s latest project “We Can Hear You” : Geocell Company’s provided the hearing impaired with an educational center and a special package in the frame of this project. and Geocell started a total support of the restoration of Ikalto Geocell Monastery Complex, being in a very uneasy condition. Monastery Geocell’s main goal is to offer as many innovations as possible: innovations Geostar has been one of the most successful Geostar projects. It has brought millions of dollars to Geocell. Geocell. Lotteries to encourage people to become Geocell Lotteries subscribers. The company’s Marketing strategy : The Undifferentiated Marketing with no segmentation. Deepening its product line by offering different operators, Deepening each of them with unique services, applications and benefits. each Maintaining a very good Service-Profit chain. Always Maintaining keeping its customers and employees satisfied. keeping E -MARKETING Any kind of information can be found on Geocell’s website. Any Geocell places its banner-ads on the majority of other Geocell Georgian sites. Georgian Georgian Telecompany, Rustavi2’s site is also full of Georgian Geocell’s adds, because Geocell has a very strong business relationship with rustavi2. relationship Geocell subscribers can pay their bills online. Geocell and Moldtelecom have much common to share. They both play an important role in their countries’ They economies. economies. They both are developing in a very fast rate. They both have two very strong competitors They share almost the same marketing strategy, mass They marketing. No segmentation marketing. The both effectively use E-Marketing and more and more The often to promote their products. often However there are some differences between this two companies: companies: Geocell is more concentrated on charity, and in Geocell showbusiness. Moldtelecom applies more creative ways of Moldtelecom telemarketing. telemarketing. References :; “Research and Markets” web site; “Telecommunications Report Moldova” article, Telecommunications; and of course a bit of:;; Enter the matrix ! ...
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