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[email protected] tues dec 15 4 – 5 mon dec 14 1 -2 Two questions from: Stock valuation CAPM, mean variance Cost of capital Option valuations Multiple Choice: Stock valuation to option valuation slides -go through what’s in class Key- understand key concepts in lectures Stock valuation, except stock market overview (no nyse, nasdaq, dealer) Common stock valuation -futures of common and preferred stock No prob index, no practice In capital budgeting
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Unformatted text preview: Capital investment decisions. . No depreciation, replacement cost Need to understand slide 1 to slide 10, construct pro- forma statement, future cash flows from project Statements and ratio analysis Mean variance efficiency, CAPM, SML, factor model from CCAPM Mean variance (hw 3), relationship between MV nCAPM Factor model: understand model, ideas CCAPM Cost of capital Risk return tradeoffy...
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