13 - Ethnography of communication- situations and uses of...

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Ethnography of communication - situations and uses of patterns and functions, of speaking as an activity in its own right Case study Theoretical sensitivity- the more informed you are, the more astute your decisions are Reflexive journal- diary of the entire research process Field notes- researcher records his/her observations of the phenomenon under study Participation observation- observation stategies, roles that can be assumed by researcher Complete-participation role - participants unaware they are being observed Participant-as-observer role - ethical advantage of awareness, and reap advantages of involvement Observer-as-participant- participation is more fleeting than her role as an observer Complete observer- observer who doesn’t get involved Complete member- member of group under study Active member- involves the researcher in the central or core activities of the group Peripheral member- researcher partakes in most of the group’s activies, but not the main ones Gatekeepers- someone who gives the researcher access to the group by granting informed consent Sponsor- member who takes an interest in you and your project Informants- people positioned to provide you with quality information about the setting of the group Maximum-variation sampling- researcher is intentionally seeking out people, activities, or scenes that will add different, contrasting perspective on phenomenon Typical case sampling-
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13 - Ethnography of communication- situations and uses of...

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