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References 1. Brownlow, S. (1992). Seeing is believing: Facial appearance, credibility, and attitude change. Journal of Nonverbal Behavior , 16 (2), 101-115. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. 2. Dion, K. Bersheid, E. Walster, E. (1972). What is beautiful is good. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Vol. 24, p285-290, 6p. 3. Masip, J., Garrido, E., & Herrero, C. (2004). Facial appearance and impressions of credibility: The effects of facial babyishness and age on person perception.
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Unformatted text preview: International Journal of Psychology, 39 , 276-289. 4. McGroskey, J., McCain, T. (1974). The Measurement of Interpersonal Attraction. Speech Monographs , 41 (3), 261-266. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. 5. Woodall, W., Burgoon, J., & Markel, N. (1980). The Effects of Facial-Head Cue Combinations on Interpersonal Evaluation. Communication Quarterly , 28 (3), 47-55. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database....
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