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Research Proposal: Is the most attractive face also the most credible face in communication? Kevin Chang Rutgers University 1
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Introduction The research question that I wish to propose is: Is the most physically attractive person also the most credible person in communication? As communication researchers ourselves, all of us have experienced the nonverbal credibility that an attractive face seems to pose when a deliberation is in progress. To simplify, physical attractiveness are the dynamic, static, and artifacts that a person may use to his advantage in order appear a certain way. Credibility by definition is somebody who is task-oriented, reliable, and an expert in a particular field of subject matter. Defining Attractiveness The first question we must ask ourselves is what exactly defines attractiveness? Through research, I have found definitions for the attractive face to be the one with the most symmetry, to bear signs of cleanliness, and to be interpreted to the effect that the gender perspective makes all the difference. For example, a strong chin, broad shoulders, and a broad shoulder length do not make for an attractive woman, but rather make better masculine features for a man. In Masip, Garrido, Herroro (2004), the effects of facial attractiveness give way for people to form different perceptions on how a person is viewed. In this study, three-hundred and twenty-four Spanish undergraduates were shown photographs on faces and had to rate the pictures based on characteristics such as honesty, truthfulness, strength, dominance, intelligence, naiety, and warmth. People with an attractive but “baby” face were perceived to be truthful, honest, but not necessarily dominant or intelligent. Those pictured as not the most attractive and symmetrical to have characteristics of strength, dominance, and at times intelligence; although honesty and truthfulness were not the most prevalent attributes that they were given.
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