- weeks later, the experimental group experienced...

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References Brezsnyak, M., & Whisman, M. (2004). Sexual Desire and Relationship Functioning: The Effects of Marital Satisfaction and Power. , 30 (3), 199-217. Retrieved from Biomedical Reference Collection: Comprehensive database. Marital satisfaction is positively correlated with sexual desire results indicated marital satisfaction is strongly correlated with sexual desire Floyd, K., Boren, J., Hannawa, A., Hesse, C., McEwan, B., & Veksler, A. (2009). Kissing in Marital and Cohabiting Relationships: Effects on Blood Lipids, Stress, and Relationship Satisfaction. Western Journal of Communication , 73 (2), 113-133. doi:10.1080/10570310902856071. Hypothesized- increasing affectionate behavior would effect improvements in physical and psychological conditions caused by stress A control and experimental group, experiment increased kissing and as a result 6
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Unformatted text preview: weeks later, the experimental group experienced improvements in perceived stress, relationship satisfaction, and total serum cholesterol Floyd, K., & Morman, M. (1998). The measurement of affectionate communication. Communication Quarterly , 46 (2), 144-162. Retrieved from Communication & Mass Media Complete database. Little consistency from study to study to show how affectionate communication is operationally defined, difficult to interpret the findings of such research and to compare findings across studies Affectionate communication index, is offered as a practical and psychometrically sound operational definition for the overt communication of affection in personal relationships for nonverbal, verbal and support communication....
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