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Logic.Homework5 - Kevin Chang 5.11 Proof The police rule...

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Kevin Chang 5.11 Proof: The police rule out Julius, the well-known two-hundred and fifty pound burglar because nobody carrying that much weight with themselves could fit through a small bathroom window, and Julius would not be able to stabilize himself on a ladder in order to fit yet another window on the second floor. Somebody of his stature would have a better chance of breaking into a household by force and as the house shows no signs of forced entry, Julius the two-hundred and fifty pound burglar is ruled out of the equation. 5.15 Proof: In order to prove that Smaller(b, c), we look at the premises. The first two premises have to do with b and c being different shapes, thus meaning that they cannot be identical. As a result, it is proven that either c is larger than b or else they are both identical. The third premise states Larger(c, b) c = b. Thus, the first of the or statement must be true because the latter part of the or statement does not work since c and b are not identical. Inversely, Larger(c, b) also means Smaller(b, c).
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