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Logic.Homework9 - Everything small is also a cube D is...

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Kevin Chang Homework #9 116001990 10.14 Tautology A B ~(A=B) 10.15 Tautology A ~B ~(A=B) 10.16 Tautology A B ~(A=B) 10.17 First-order validity If everything is a dodecahedron, then it is not the same column as C Therefore, C is not a dodecahedron A ~B A does not equal B 10.18 First-order validity
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Unformatted text preview: Everything small is also a cube D is small Therefore, it D is small 10.19 First order validity If everything is small, then it’s a cube If everything is a cube, it’s left of c Therefore, nothing is small and not to the left of c...
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