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E before A Don’t introduce subproofs without a reason Not everything is P(x) ~AxP(x) E~p(x) Something is not p(x) Prove that the singer is her own baby. Loves(x,y) = x loves y I= singer B = singer’s baby Everybody loves my baby, but my baby don’t love nobody but me Ax Loves(x,b) ExAy (Loves(b,x) & (Loves(y,x) y=i) = y=i) - Loves(b,b)
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Unformatted text preview: A elim:1 Ay(loves(b,y) y=i) & elmin:2 Loves (b,b) b=i) A elim:4 B=I There are at least two cubes, but theres only one small thing. Therefore, not all cubes are small The dodecahedron is small. Therefore, all dodecahedrons are small ExEy (Cube(x) & Cube(y) & x =/ y) ExAy (Small(x) & (Small(y) y=/x))-~Ax(Cube(x) Small(x))...
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