41 midterm key

41 midterm key - Name_ SID # _ MCB41: Second Midterm Spring...

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Name________________________ SID # _________________________ 1 MCB41: Second Midterm Spring 2009 Before you start, print your name and student identification number (S.I.D) at the top of each page. There are 7 pages including this page. You will have 50 minutes for the 100-point exam. The value of each question is given at the beginning of the question. Place your answer on the front of the page. Only answers in that space will be graded. You may write in pencil; however, to preserve your rights to a regrade, you must write your answers in pen. Good luck! ______________________________________________________ This section is for grading. Do not write here. 1(30)_______ 2(10)_______ 3(10)_______ 4(20)_______ 5(15)_______ 6(8)________ 7(7)________ EXAM SCORE: __________
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SID # _________________________ 2 1. (30 points) Mix and Match. Match the most appropriate term or statement from column 2 to the term or statement in column 1. Use each term or statement from column 2 only once. Column 1 Column 2 14_____ mtDNA 1. accumulates in babies with PKU 2. results from hemoglobin defect 10_____testosterone 3. technique to detect DNA using fluorescently labeled probes 3_____FISH 4. Eugenics 5. caused by nondisjunction 7_____carrier 6. Excess androgen in XX individuals 7. heterozygous 5_____trisomy 21 8. XY individuals feminized 9. twin studies 11_____SRY 10. regulated by SRY 11. on the Y chromosome 1_____phenylalanine 12. Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis 13. display of mitotic chromosomes 2_____Sickle Cell disease 14. maternally inherited 15. temperature 8_____ α hydroxyreductase deficiency 13_____karyotype 9_____evidence for gay gene(s) 15_____determines sex in some reptiles 6_____ Congenital adrenal hyperplasia 12_____uses selected embryos for fertilization
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41 midterm key - Name_ SID # _ MCB41: Second Midterm Spring...

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