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"Chemistry Overview" Prepared as part of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center ( Source: "Careers for Chemists" © American Chemical Society Chemistry Overview The Field - Preparation - Co-ops/Internships/Summer Work - Career Options - Earnings - Job Hunting - Challenges - Professional Organizations The Field Chemistry is the central science. It is the science about substances, their composition, structure, properties, and interactions. Chemistry helps explain the physical world and its workings, and plays an important role in our lives. Chemists have contributed a great deal to technical advances of society and have made many important contributions to modern life. Everything is made from one or more chemical elements that occur in nature. Chemists use different kinds of chemical processes to make the elements more useful, and they create countless products that make our lives healthier, easier, and more enjoyable. Chemistry is a powerful springboard to launch you into a fascinating career. Chemistry courses combine general education with preparation for immediate employment. A person with a bachelor's level education in chemistry is prepared to assume a wide variety of positions in industry, government, and academia. The more obvious positions for which a background in chemistry is important are those in the chemical industry or in chemical education. Those with a significant knowledge of chemistry are also employed in a wide variety of related professions such as molecular biology and biotechnology, material science, forensic science, hazardous waste management, textile science, and information management. There are as many specialties as there are areas of application of chemical principles. An undergraduate chemistry degree may be combined with advanced studies in other fields and lead to work in areas such as law or higher management. Chemists are challenged, excited, and satisfied with their profession. Though chemists may change employers several times during their careers, the majority in the field stay in it their entire careers. The career information in this resource has been assembled to help students majoring in chemistry and related sciences prepare for careers in the chemical sciences by describing a wide variety of chemistry careers and illustrating options available to those who obtain degrees in the chemical sciences.
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"Chemistry Overview" Prepared as part of the Sloan Career Cornerstone Center ( Source: "Careers for Chemists" © American Chemical Society Preparation Your college education is your first step toward your future chemistry career. It is a critical first step. Because chemistry offers so many different career opportunities and can be your entree into a whole spectrum of careers, scientific and nonscientific, you should consider your options; choose as your goals the fields that interest you most, and plan your education with your goals in mind. Your degree offers vital proof of your mastery of basic principles and how
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chemistry - Chemistry Overview The Field Preparation...

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