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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Stefan Brass February 23, 2000 School of Information Sciences University of Pittsburgh INFSCI 2710 Database Management Example for Midterm Exam III Instructions This is the midterm exam from the Spring 2000 edition of this course. There were 2 hours 20 minutes to work on the exercises. Exercise 1 (ER Design) 12 Points Suppose we want to develop a restaurant guide for Pittsburgh. In order to do this, we have a few professional testers, but we also ask the general public to tell us about their experiences. Of course, all data which we gather must be stored in a database. Please develop an ER-diagram which allows us to store the following information: Information about restaurants: What is the name of the restaurant, the street ad- dress, the ZIP-code, and the phone number? You can assume that restaurants in Pittsburgh are identified by there name (although this excludes chains). For every restaurant, we want to store information about a few dishes the restaurant offers (its specialities). We need the name of the dish and the price. Note that different restaurants can have dishes with the same name. Information about test-eaters: What are the first name, the last name, the street address and the ZIP-code of the test eater. You can assume that test-eaters are identified by first and last name (If you think that this is not realistic, you may add other key attributes, but this will not influence your grade.). For the subset of professional testers we need in addition the following information: What rate did we agree to pay for every test? (It is probably not very realistic, but we assume a fixed rate, which depends only on the tester, but not on the restaurant tested.) What is his/her phone number? We store phone numbers of professional testers only (not for general public testers). For every test, we need the restaurant and the tester, and three grades: One how well the meal tasted, one how good/friendly the service was, and one how nice the room was. In addition, we optionally store a comment. Note that the restaurant is tested, not the speciality dishes. We do not store the information which dishes were tasted (except possibly in the comment). INFSCI 2710 Database Management Midterm Exam (Spring 2000) 2 We do not allow that the same tester tests the same restaurant twice. But of course we try to get tests from different testers for the same restaurant. We have restaurants in our database which were not yet tested, and also information about test eaters, which did not yet submitted a test. Please define also keys and cardinalities. If other constraints should be needed, it suffices to sketch them in natural language....
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rep_mid3 - Dr. Stefan Brass February 23, 2000 School of...

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