BIO EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE - BIO101:GeneralBiology1

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BIO 101: General Biology 1 Fall 2009 Study Questions for Exam #2, Chapters 4-7, 34 and 37 Chapter 4: A Tour of the Cell Pages covered from text – pp. 54-64 Terms: 1. Prokaryotic cells / Eukaryotic cells 2. Nucleus = where DNA is stored – generally a ball of genetic material in the center of a cell. 3. Cytoplasm = Fluid filled Space within the cell. 4. Apoptosis = Programmed Cell death – it is a positive thing – leads to things such as fingers being different from toes. Concepts: 1. Know the functions of the characteristics of Prokaryotic cells – nucleoid region, ribosomes, plasma membrane, bacterial cell wall, capsule, pili and Prokaryotic flagella. 2. Know the functions of the organelles in Eukaryotic cells – nucleus, ribosomes, Rough and Smooth ER, transport vesicles, Golgi Apparatus, lysosomes, central vacuole, mitochondria and chloroplasts. 3. What are three differences between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells? Prokaryotic cells are single cells w/o a nucleus. Eukaryotic cells are multicellular organisms that have a nucleus. Ex. Plants, animals, protists, etc. 4. What are three differences between animal and plant cells? Plant cells have a cell wall made of cellulose, they have a central vacuole (filled with water for support and storage), and they have chloroplasts which are where photosynthesis takes place. Chapter 5: The Working Cell Pages covered from text – pp. 74-78, 80-85 Terms: 1. Membranes – phospholipids / phospholipid bilayer / Fluid Mosaic / Selective permeability 2. Passive transport – diffusion / facilitated diffusion /Osmosis 3. Active transport 4. ATP structure and function – ATP Cycle Concepts: 1. How does the structure of phospholipids aid in the formation of membranes? How do hydrophilic and hydrophobic interactions cause phospholipids to naturally form membranes? 2.
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BIO EXAM 2 STUDY GUIDE - BIO101:GeneralBiology1

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