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scan0008 - AFS/HIS 325 Civil Rights Fall 1995 Name Test 1...

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Unformatted text preview: AFS/HIS 325 Civil Rights Fall 1995 Name Test 1 Dr. L. Owens —-Directions--Select one answer for each question 1. In Anne Moody's Comin of A e in Mississi i age most clearly refers to a/ learning the meaning of being a young southern woman bi growing up in the 19505 (3} understanding the roles race another 2. Experiences in this area sha more fully than her experie a. her family life b. her educational endeavors @} her early work life d. her childhood in poverty 3. The Supreme Court decision in Brown v. impact on Anne Moody's schooling a. she continued her schooling in a desegregated school b. she was forced to drop out of school to work to help support her family c.rthe schools she attended remained racially segregated d. she briefly attended one desegregated school 4. One of the strongest motiyations Anne Moody held to while growing up in Mississippi was to a. help her family out economically @L excel in her school work 0. leave Mississippi as soon as she could .~L d. become a well-known writer QWE 5. To the child Anne Moody, the importance of one‘s in c ,. shaping one's life appeared to suggest ‘f {33 a secret besides being white ~ 5/ blacks were naturally inferior to whites c. whites were better people than blacks d. being white lead to better ped Anne Moody's personality nces in any other arena School Board had this , Miss. She wrote,”I had known the fear of hunger, hell, and the Devil. But now there was a new fear known to me--..." What was this new fear? a. fear of getting out of her place with whites ‘ fear of being killed because of her blackness c. fear of being a member of the Youth NAACP d. fear of being forced to drop out of high school to work 7. Anne Moody states that as a teenager she came to dislike many ““ black men around her because a. they did not see that the V nonviolent approaches of Dr. .Martin Luther King were too slow to work in Mississippi Rb. too many appeared to cooperate with their oppressors or too many abused black women . she blamed them for their powerless in a white system 8. While attending high school in Mississippi Anne Moody worked to help support herself and her family as a a. waitress VK‘ b1 domestic worker ...
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