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scan0019 - 26.The slave most frequently freed by masters in...

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Unformatted text preview: 26.The slave most frequently freed by masters in Brazilian society was a. male b. female “c. an elderly person d. a child 27.0nce a Brazilian slave gained freedom she or he a. had to marry within 3 years to remain free b. remained free forever lbw could be reenslaved for showing ingratitude d. had to pay money to the government for 7 years for that freedom 28.Brazi1ian law stated that a slave could be granted freedom in only one of the following situations a. the slave escaped from the empire b. the slave paid off the mortgage masters kept on him or her c. the slave got the government to break a contract that stated he/she could never be freed d. the slave was granted freedom after helping a master to pay off a master's creditors 29.This was the most common way that a slave gained freedom in Brazil a. self purchase b. a master set the slave free e; freedom was granted because of old age d. freedom was granted by the government because of the cruelty of the master _30.Slavery officially ended in Brazil in this year a. 1865 b. 1871 c 1888 d1 1900 * 31.To be "white" in Brazil according to author Mattoso not only meant to be free and Portuguese but also 2a; to be part of the Portuguese upper class b. to adopt superior attitudes c. to be part of the master class d. to be mixed with the master's blood 32.The narrative written by Mary Prince was primarily written to be read by a. slaveholders b. the enslaved as; the English public d} women of conscience 33.Mary Prince's life as a slave takes place in the following setting a. Brazil ‘55} Georgia Sea Islands 6. Bermuda d. Bahamas 34.During her years as a slave all of the following items were part of Mary Prince's diet except a. corn soup b. potatoes ...
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