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scan0021 - b1 mistresses fc43children'd masters 44 Some...

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Unformatted text preview: b1 mistresses fc43children 'd? masters 44. Some slavery scholars have sometimes made the controversial point that this member of the slaveholding class was in some respects the cruelest to enslaved Africans a. slave overseers Q} mistresses c. masters d. masters' children 45.Sti11 other students of slavery argue that slaves who possessed the most so-called "privileges"(freedoms) often worked as a. fieldhands b. household slaves c. mine laborers 5&3 city laborers . 46. All of the following Catholic religious groups played important roles in New World slavery except a. Jesuits b. Franciscans ‘if. Paulistas Gd.Carme1ites 47. These were Brazilian hideouts where runaway slaves sometimes gathered and lived in relative freedom 2a. maroons b. quilombos c. missions d. crucifixions 48. According to some scholars of Brazilian slavery "the strongest and healthiest elements" of the Brazilian population came from a. masters' families E} enslaved Africans c. Indians d. the middle class 49.All of the following food items except one were regularly found in the Brazilian slave's diet a. beans b. salt pork c1 fruits ‘da corn 50 African religious customs brought to Brazil :a} were destroyed by Catholic priests b. had a considerable impact on Catholicism c. lost nearly all of their cultural strength d. cannot be stated to have had lasting impact ...
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