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scan0032 - 2 Three hundred individuals are studied for...

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Unformatted text preview: 2. Three hundred individuals are studied for association between a certain ophthalmic trait and eye color. Blue eyes Brown eyes Other (2) Find P(blue eyes and no trait). (3) Find P(brown eyes |no trait). ‘s , ‘ )1“ x _ 44 l; < is“? 41% '4 ~) 1: ”AM . (4) Find P(no trait I brown eyes). ‘ J 69(3)”? im'i‘gi r 9%))": 5a% Q '5) (5) Which one is true? (21) Eye color and the trait are independent (b) P(blue eyes) is a conditional probability ) P(no trait | brown eyes) is a marginal probability ((df (blue eyes and no trait) is a joint probability (e) None of these ...
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