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scan0044 - 4 Multiple choice pioblems Choose only one...

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Unformatted text preview: 4 Multiple choice pioblems. Choose only one from (21‘ 21) to (d) (1) Which one of the following is discrete‘.7 L t”, A / (a) “(eight (b) Radiologic count (c) Systolic blood pressure (d) Height h (2) What is a characteristic of a population called? J (a) statistic (b) parametei (c ) individual (cl) sample (3) What is a set of all individuals of interest called? l; (a) sample (b) population (c) statistic (d) parameter ( (4) Which one of the following can NOT measure variability? f) , 7. , \ K): 22;:1iflji)—\( b))\/ =1”(T7-1 I) 1%27, :1lLI- —Il( d)>ZEIL(Tf T) i i g (-5) Which value of the following can NOT be a probability of an event? 7; ;(6) Which one of the following is the sensitivity? "(31) P(Dl+) (b) PHD) (C) P(*1DC) (Cl) H770?) if? (7) Which one of the following is the specificity? o x i (a) P(D:+)(b ) 17((+|D) C) PHDC)(C1) Pl Dcl— (8) Suppose that there are 10 . embers in a local biology society. How many sets of three g representatives are possible? \ ’ i 2 (a) 199 x 99 x 98 (b) (190 x 99 X 98:1/2 (e) (109 X .99 x 98)/(3 x 2) (d) (100 x 99 x 98)/3 (9) \Vhieh one of the following is the san'ie as the mean of the sample mean? 9' (a) the population mean (b) the population variance (0) the population mean over the sample size (d) the population variance over the sample size (10) \Vliich one is an example of a marginal probability? A (a) sensitivity (b) specificity (0) yield (d) prevalence rate ...
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