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scan0089 - Problem 4(10 pts Find the parametric equations...

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Unformatted text preview: Problem 4(10 pts. ). Find the parametric equations for the line through the point (-1,2,1) and parallel to the vector 1 if = i + 2j — 2k 1n which the particle IS moving with speed 6 (the parameter, t, represents time). Problem 5 (25 pts) ’ i L ” ” ‘- x ' . ' . was-mi } 5 Let S be a circular cylinder of radius 0.25, such that the center of one end rs at the origin and dtlie‘fii’ center of the other end is at the point (0, 1, 0). a.) Find the xyz—equation of the plane, P, containing the base of the cylinder (i.e., the plane through the origin perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder) b.) Find two unit vectors u and v in P which are perpendicular to one another. c.) Give parametrization for the following using 14 and v and one or more parameters. i). The circle in which the cylinder, S, cuts the plane , P. (hint, write an equation for x, y, 2 using 6’) . it. ) The surface of cylinder S (hint, write an equation for x y, 2 using Band I). ma. \ w ,, , Val CKW'X 52L l \) 5L4, 1,4”? fl 3:“ (“A g 2w l": q t , 1 ...
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