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MAE 4500 Manufacturing Methods PLC Project FS2006 Josh Smith-Moore Mark Dalton Michael Koch
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History The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a microprocessor used to monitor and adjust process operations. It can manage any system with discrete single or multiple outputs. Beginning in the 1960’s to 1970’s, The PLC was initially used in the automotive industry. With this new technology, adjustments to prototype modeling were completed in a matter of days as opposed to one month. By 1980, PLC’s had become the most valuable product for major electronic and computer companies. Today, the PLC market has exceeded $1.4 billion and is used in a wide variety of industries including machine tool manufacturing, constructing energy and security systems, and other uses such as medical equipment. The innovative PLC unit has many advantageous qualities. As opposed to traditional procedures which required constant rewiring, the PLC program is simply modified. This reduces time required for adjustments dramatically, as well as simplifying documentation on such changes. It is user-friendly and can be learned quickly, and can be run in the common office or lab. A single PLC is also capable of controlling multiple machines. It is a high speed processor that can be provided at a low cost, is very reliable, and easily maintainable. Difficulties Throughout the project, our group did not have any major problems when writing the code for the PLC. However, there were some minor problems. They included mistakes in the precedence of our rungs, using the improper normally open or closed switches, and
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PLC_Project_FS06_Koch - MAE 4500 Manufacturing Methods PLC...

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