examI_f2006_soln - Name:_ MAE 4800 Exam I October 24, 2006...

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Name:_____________________________________ MAE 4800 Exam I October 24, 2006 Open notes Open book Closed neighbors Open mind Notes: Start exam when instructed – you will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam Write name at top of each page and any additional pages Read each problem carefully – if you still do not understand, ask Clearly state all assumptions Clearly show all your work, commenting on what you are doing – keep in mind that your exam communicates to those who are grading what you know To maximize points, plug in numbers at the end – solve algebraically first Reference table you are using for properties Good luck! MAE 4800, Fall 2006 10/24/06
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Name:_____________________________________ Problem 1 (50 points) You wish to bake a potato in an oven. Before placing the potato in the oven you pre-heat the oven until the temperature reaches 200 o C. You use an RTD to measure the temperature. The calibration curve for the RTD is: ( 29 [ ] 0 0 T T A 1 R R - + = where R 0 = 100 ohms A = 0.005 ohms/ o C T 0 = 25 o C Part 1 (10 points) – At a point in time you take a measurement of the oven using the RTD and note that the resistance is 162.5 ohms. What is the temperature? Solution: Solve the calibration equation for T and then plug-n-chug. C 150 1 100 5 . 162 005 . 0 1 25 1 R R A 1 T T 0 0 0 = - + = - + = Part 2 (20 points) – What is the uncertainty in temperature at a 95% confidence interval for the measurement from part 1? Assume that you use the Keithly 2701 DMM and that the measurement is the average of 17
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examI_f2006_soln - Name:_ MAE 4800 Exam I October 24, 2006...

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