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examI_w2005_soln - Name MAE 4800 Exam I April 5 2005 Open...

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Name:_____________________________________ MAE 4800 Exam I April 5, 2005 Open notes Open book Closed neighbors Open mind Notes: Start exam when instructed – you will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam Write name at top of each page and any additional pages Read each problem carefully – if you still do not understand, ask Clearly state all assumptions Clearly show all your work, commenting on what you are doing – keep in mind that your exam communicates to those who are grading what you know To maximize points, plug in numbers at the end – solve algebraically first Reference table you are using for properties Good luck! MAE 4800, Winter 2005 4/05/05
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Name:_____________________________________ Problem 1 (50 points) You just bought a new boat but did not want to spend money on the velocity measurement package. Being a clever thermo-fluid experimentalist, you decide to install your own pitot tube and pressure transducer on the boat hull to measure you boat speed while out on the lake. Pressure transducer Pitot tube Part 1 (25 points) – You expect that the boat will have a top speed of 5 m/s and need to size the pressure transducer. What is the minimum pressure drop range you need for the pressure transducer? Part 2 (25 points) – Ignoring precision uncertainty, what is the velocity measurement uncertainty at a 95%
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