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Unformatted text preview: Name:_____________________________________ MAE 4800 Exam I March 23, 2006 Open notes Open book Closed neighbors Open mind Notes: Start exam when instructed you will be given 75 minutes to complete the exam Write name at top of each page and any additional pages Read each problem carefully if you still do not understand, ask Clearly state all assumptions Clearly show all your work, commenting on what you are doing keep in mind that your exam communicates to those who are grading what you know To maximize points, plug in numbers at the end solve algebraically first Reference table you are using for properties Good luck! MAE 4800, Winter 2006 3/23/06 Name:_____________________________________ Problem 1 (50 points) A new pitot tube has been designed that is supposed to be more accurate then the conventional design. The instrument has a shroud around the outside of the pitot tube to channel the fluid flow (see sketch below). In order to more accurately measure the velocity, frictional pressure drop needs to be accounted for. The new equation that relates the pressure drop to the fluid velocity is: + +- = p 2 a a V 2 where for air, a = 6.37 m/s. Pressure transducer Pitot tube Shroud Part 1 (20 points) You expect that the largest air velocity that you will need to measure is 55 m/s. What is the minimum pressure drop range you will need for the pressure transducer?...
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examI_w2006_soln -...

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