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Woo Kim Mrs. Williams November 12, 2008 Definition essay Change The word “change” holds many different definitions. In the Merriam- Webster Dictionary , change (verb) is defined as: 1. To make or become different: alter 2. To replace with another 3. To give or receive an equivalent in notes or coins of usually smaller denominations or of another currency. 4. To put fresh clothes on or covering on (a bed) 5. To put on different clothes 6. Exchange Although there are many different definitions for change, the ones that stand out to me most is definition one. Change is unstoppable and is always occurring.
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Especially as a teenager, change is something that is constant. In our generation, I feel that President-elect Barack Obama epitomizes change. Changes can be all kinds of things… good, bad, happy, sad, different… and holds such a deep meaning. Change is a word that all people can relate to because at one point in our lives, we all have gone through a significant change. Our rich American history shows us that change is something that has been occurring since the colonial times. We have gone from rural farms to an integration of magnificent cities and majestic farms. Change is prominent even internally… early Americans lived through a time where slavery was a “necessary evil.” Now, as informed young adults, we know slavery is not a topic to joke about and as intelligent beings we have to prevent slavery from ever happening. Americans embraced the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution paved a way for
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what is change - Woo Kim Mrs Williams Definition essay...

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