letter to me - with Woo. I would have never of guessed she...

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Dear Future-Self, At the time this was written you were stressing a lot about things and when this is read hopefully things have cooled down. You, like any other kid, hates school at the moment however I’m praying that the dreaded “senioritis” didn’t get to you. When you get this letter back you’ll be attending college somewhere either far or close to home, to your family, and to your friends. Don’t lose touch with them, as you’ll be making new friends and having new experiences. I believe these are sent around Thanksgiving; is there a more perfect time to reunite with them? The day you handed this in was one year
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Unformatted text preview: with Woo. I would have never of guessed she would have said, “Yes” to me in the first place. Being with her has been some of the happiest moments. Hopefully with all the change about to come for all of us, nothing ends on a tragic note. The only advice I can leave you is make the best out of everything. You might be having the worst day ever, but get something out of it. It’s cliché, but live life to the fullest. Don’t continue to feel like you’re missing out on something. Just make the right choices and you’ll be fine. Everything is gonna be alright. Sincerely, You...
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