What Memorial Day Means To Me

What Memorial Day Means To Me - It’s a time to remember...

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Kyle Daniele 5/17/09 Memorial Day is an important day for everyone who has ever lost someone in a time of war, or even peace . It shows that we should pay debt to anyone who has paid the ultimate price to ensure the freedom of our country . They made sure that you have the freedom to say whatever you want . The people we honor on Memorial Day died for their country, the country we all live in . If they hadn’t fought, you man not be walking around at whatever time you want to . You may be put into a gated community, a ghetto, or a home . You may never have been able to see any of your friends again . Life would be so much different without them; I don’t think many people could comprehend it . Memorial Day is a day to celebrate as well, a way to celebrate the good times and the things that you have had with the passing person
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Unformatted text preview: . It’s a time to remember how well you loved them and how close you were to them . That’s where the barbeque originated . It was a time for the family to get together and remember and share the times that they had had with tier loved one . That is one of the truly amazing things about Memorial Day, it brings people together . Even if you don’t have a family member who was a veteran, like many other people, go to a grave and pay your respects . It may be by just planting a small American flag or leaving flowers, but these acts have tremendous effect . Overall, Memorial Day means respect, sorrow, as well as joy for all of the loved ones that have left us to support the greater good, our freedom . They have made the ultimate sacrifice to make sure we live good and proper lives ....
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What Memorial Day Means To Me - It’s a time to remember...

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