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9/29/08 Dear Mr. Wiesel, I recently just finished reading your novel Dawn in my literature class. I had previously read Night for the first time three years ago and it had left a profound effect on me. The haunting look at the horrible truths of the Holocaust was very powerful and stayed with me like no other material I have read or seen about the subject. As I read, I did not want to believe that people went through such horror and torture. In Dawn , you once again display your deep understanding of humanity and take the concept of how one could develop into something they fundamentally are not when surviving a catastrophic trauma. I enjoyed how you questioned the “what ifs” about your life and that Dawn was a realization of how things may have turned out. What was the inspiration for Elisha’s experience? Was it someone you knew, or in fact yourself? Your powerful writing just
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Unformatted text preview: draws me in and had me in wonder to whether or not Elisha would pull the trigger on John Dawson. In class, we discussed themes and quotes on each page that we thought conveyed something, but I feel that there is more of a story to be told. Maybe I can find more to this story in Day . Dawn has given me the urge to finish your trilogy of books as soon as I have free time due to the fact of so many things going on right now in my life as a senior in high school. Mr. Wiesel, I’m sure you have heard this before but you will certainly be remembered for your literary work. Your excellent at creating a vivid picture of everything that has happened to you and you can’t read it without being effected. Sincerely, Kyle Daniele...
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