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Unformatted text preview: Kyle Daniele Kyle I am who I am because of everyone. I am one of the missing Lost Boys who unfortunately had to grow up. I am the grandson who wonders what his grandmothers were like. I am the innocent daisy that my first crush tore up. I am the rain on a warm day making everything feel fresh again. I am the pepper-grey hoodie keeping you warm. I am the different blends of tea brewing in my cup. I am my bicycle’s tires whirring down a hill. I am the one who quotes The Office at the wrong times. am The I am the headphones playing the bands you never heard of. I am the awkwardness that fills the room. I am the nerd who can go on talking about films for hours and sometimes be found between the pages of comic books. between I am a Mac, not a PC. I am one of the few that think Disney World isn't the "happiest place on Earth." I am the kid always being compared to Paulie Bleeker...but I can't run for my life. I am Charlie Brown’s failed attempts at kicking the football. I am the battered Vans slip-on shoes that have witnessed a lot of things. I am the midnight snack waiting in the fridge. I am the one who always up for an adventure. I am the one laying in the grass gazing at the clouds for hours. “All I can do is be me, whoever that is.” Who Am I… ...
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