metaphysics - Kyle Daniele April 6, 2009 Philosophy &...

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Kyle Daniele April 6, 2009 Mr. Tufaro Understanding the ways of the universe is no easy task. Determining if the world is governed by purpose or in fact is meaningless is a thought that could be pondered upon until the end of time. Metaphysics deals with the kinds of questions that are too basic and fundamental for even science to answer. However, ridiculous ideas are not just spewed out for evaluation. Science serves as a basis for ideas, which are then expanded by individual ideas for insight. By reading Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman and watching The Matrix directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski, in these two works we can see metaphysics is an underlying theme. In Death of a Salesman , the protagonist Willy Loman convinces himself that his purpose is to be well liked and obtain material success. However, when he does not achieve this, his life goes into a downward spiral. He attempts to make himself feel better by essentially becoming delusional and reliving better times in his mind. He creates an alternate world to boost his ego as he comes to a realization that his life has been a waste. Metaphysical elements come into play as
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metaphysics - Kyle Daniele April 6, 2009 Philosophy &...

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